A divorce itself is the formalized and permanent separation of marriage under the law. Often people will refer to a couple as being divorced before any such process has taken place, and what they are technically referring to is a separation. For a couple to be divorced, a process needs to be instigated and completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved – the couple, and the state in which they are permanently resident.Below are some of the main causes of divorce in most of the marriages today.

1. Money

More often than not there is some financial issue when a divorce happens. Money is the top reasons for divorce, and it is simply not a good reason to get divorced. Married couples tell each other they will be there no matter what, but when the money goes away, sometimes so does one of the partners. This is a horrible reason to get divorced and also a horrible reason to get married.

money is a reason for divorce

If you got married because your partner had a good job and was making a good amount of money, then you should have never got married to begin with. Money is not everything and it is not a good reason for getting divorce. However, nearly 90% of divorces happen because of something having to do with the financial house.

2. Sex

Another one of the major reasons for divorce is sex or lack of sex. If two people get married and they are not fully compatible in the bedroom, then it can lead to problems. This also seems to be something that the woman holds over the man or vice versa. Sex should be a loving act shared by the couple as often as possible and when it is not, divorce can easily be the result.

sexual problemSex and physical attraction go hand in hand and they are both important parts of a relationship. We can only say so much with words, but when we can make a person feel our love it is an amazing thing. Make sure you have a very active life in the bedroom and don’t deny your partner sex or it could lead to the divorce you don’t want to go through.

3. An Affair

Lack of sex can also lead to an affair, which is another one of the major reasons for divorce. This is something you cannot expect to do to your partner and get away with it. When you cheat your partner will find out sooner or later and they will not be happy about it. This can easily lead to a divorce and the last thing you want to do is destroy your marriage for a one night stand.

extra affair of partnersMake sure you take the time to really think through what you are doing and why before you decide to cheat on your spouse be better off. Plus if you decide divorce is not what you want the marriage can be saved much easier without an infidelity.
There are many other minor reasons why people get divorced, but these are the three big ones. You could end up divorced because you were married for all the wrong reasons. If you are both not in love with each other, then you don’t need to get married. There is no reason to start off by giving your marriage one of the reasons for divorce before you really get going.