Rabies and tetanus are just a couple of disease one can contract from a dog bite. Unless the facts are investigated, you will never know how much you can claim from a dog bite lawsuit. In most cases, dog bites can amount to quite a degree which would include medical expenses and damages, but even other damages on top of those amounts. Insurance companies often calculate how much you can get from your dog bite claim but if you don’t know much about the case, then your claims might lead to a waste of time.

Common Problems in Dog Bite Claims

Most people end up receiving a lot less than what they should even when they know of the dog bite laws. If you’re too lenient in handling the case, then you might end up not receiving anything at all. Here are some of the most common problems for victims.

  • Not knowing the full extent of injuries
  • Not being able to foresee the type of the injury and how long the treatment of their injuries require
  • Not anticipating the effect of the injury in their daily lives
  • Not including the psychological impact of the injury when it comes to how they interact with animals in the future.

Bitten by dog
These are vital facts to ensure you can claim something from the dog bite incident. With adequate legal representation and medical records to back things up, you can get just treatment and settle it without much trouble.

How Much Will I Get as a compensation for dog bite?

dog bite compensation amountThere’s no clear answer – it depends. Some get more or less than their medical bills while some can get three times what they had spent to get the injury treated. While there’s no exact amount that can be provided, getting the adequate amount of money from your dog bite claim can help you recuperate. Dog bite law states that the owner of the dog that is the cause of the injury has a legal responsibility – failure to accomplish that will make him or her liable for legal action.

Things to Remember in Dog Bite Claim

Always note the important components of your claim to ensure that you get the right amount that you deserve. These include:

  1. Medical expenses (past and future expenses including medications and rehabilitation fees)
  2. A sum of total loss of wages (past and future) directly caused by the injury
  3. Any claims of pain, disfigurement, or disability
  4. Property damage that was the result of the dog bite (ex. clothing, jewelries)
  5. Costs of hiring external help for home maintenance if you are unable to do chores around the house as caused by the dog bite injury
  6. Emotional suffering that had been caused by the injury
  7. Other incurred costs from the dog bite

Remember that no two dog bite claims will exactly be the same. Getting a well-versed dog bite lawyer can help you get the claims that you deserve in a realistic amount and negotiate settlement claims or even take the owner of the dog to court if necessary