If you have been in an auto or motorcycle accident and you were not at fault, then chances are you are going to file a personal injury claim. Out of nowhere you will receive tons of mailers from personal injury attorneys who want to represent your case. They will be willing to bend over backwards to accommodate your schedule and your location. Why do they go to this much trouble? Well, your claim could be worth a lot of money. Being a personal injury lawyer can be quite lucrative if he or she knows what they are doing.

A common personal injury case is one that involves a vehicle. You are driving along and suddenly another person wrecks into your auto. If you are not at fault, then the other person is responsible for the repair to your vehicle and any medical bills that are incurred as a result of this accident. A personal injury claim enters into the picture when you need to receive monetary compensation for a new vehicle, lost time at work and any medical fees.

personal injury claim form

Many people will automatically have their vehicle and medical bills covered up to a certain amount. That predetermined dollar amount is based on how much insurance the at-fault person has with their insurance company. If your medical bills are above that amount, then you may have to seek out a personal injury attorney to get money from the insurance company.

The work injury lawyer will be able to assist the claimant in providing evidence of their injury. Employers are required to have workplace injury insurance; therefore if the claim is successful the funds will not come directly from the employer, but from their insurance.

Making a personal injury claim for compensation is a legal process. And there is a statute of limitations on when the injury occurred to the date of the legal claim being made.

injury compensationEach claim is different. Some are settled very quickly in a few months while others can take years. The work injury lawyer hired to assist the claimant should be able to advise their client on how long they think their case could take, based on other similar cases that have been settled in the past.

If you have pain and suffering that has not been addressed, then your accident attorney will come up with a dollar amount to add to the injury claim. Every single expense is added up, totaled and presented to the insurance company.

settlement amountOnce your injury attorney has spoken or communicated with the insurance company’s attorney, they will often reach a settlement. If the offered amount is too low, it can often wind up going to court. This is the arena in which your attorney shines. This type of attorney is very familiar with the accident laws of your state and will represent you in court.

Is your personal injury claim worth ten million dollars?

Well, that depends on what the injury was and how it was caused. In motor vehicle accidents you are unlikely to see that amount but you will see enough to cover the bills and compensate you for your pain and suffering. All those mailers and television ads sometimes do pay off when it comes time to finding a personal injury lawyer.